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rocketPRM by Impulse Creative

Partner Relationship Management Software for HubSpot

Introducing RocketPRM, a fully-featured PRM portal to supply channel partners, resellers, and referral partners with resources, generate referral links, calculate commissions, and more.

Partner Relationship Management Software for HubSpot

As sophisticated as a NASA rocket ship, as easy to navigate as a bottle rocket.

Build, Scale, and Operate your partner program with HubSpot and RocketPRM.  

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Automatically Generate Affiliate and Referral Links

Every affiliate partner can receive their dedicated affiliate link or multiple links once they’re logged in to the PRM portal. These links track website visitors and conversions in HubSpot’s reporting tools for 30 days.

Easily Track Partner Commission in HubSpot

If you offer your partners a commission or referral fee, cross-object associations and calculated properties allow you to measure how much commission they’re owed for your deals. Our team helps you set up these properties during your initial implementation. 

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Enable Partner Lead Registration and CRM Updates

Track your partners’ leads through this registration process that also adds contacts and deals to your HubSpot CRM. Add a powerup to allow your partners to update deal data via their registered leads portal. 

Offer a Resource Hub for Partner Training & Co-Branded Marketing

Give your partners the training resources and sales enablement tools they need to be successful with a dedicated, portal-based resource center. 


Provide Partner Certification with RocketPRM + HubLMS

With HubLMS installed alongside PRM, you can offer dedicated partner training courses and certifications right in your HubSpot portal. This helps you ensure your partners deliver the same amazing customer experience you do. 

Learn more about using HubLMS here.


Add on, Power Up, and Customize to Meet Your Changing Needs

Although RocketPRM is a fully-functional product out of the box, our clients sometimes want to customize the product to suit their unique channel programs. We’re here to turn your vision into a reality with a custom project. Get started by requesting a meeting with our solution design team.

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How it Works

RocketPRM is completely built and hosted in HubSpot, using both the HubSpot website tools and the HubSpot CRM. 

This means no extra tools in your tech stack, no extra logins for your team, and no extra steps to for partner sales visibility.

We use custom objects, deal records, and HubSpot private content to build your partner portal without integrations, zaps, or data loss. 

Core HubSpot Requirements

 Marketing or Sales Hub Pro
(for deal automation)

  Content Hub Enterprise
(for membership portal and custom objects)


Additional PowerUps or Add-Ons may require additional HubSpot Hubs our team is here to help you navigate technology requirements.


Most Popular

RocketPRM Core

one-time payment | 4-6 week implementation

Requires HubSpot Content Hub Enterprise and Sales or Marketing Hub Pro

Portal with Customizable Brand Settings
In-Portal Lead Registration
interface for partners to add their own leads to your CRM
Commission Tracking Module
Based on deal and custom object properties
Affiliate Links
Automatically generated when the portal is deployed
In-Portal Resource Center
Host and share resources
Referral Partner Custom Objects + Associations
Installed in CRM for dynamic pages
In-Portal My Registered Leads Dashboard
let partners see their leads and the status of deals
Dedicated Onboarding Included
learn how to configure the system, directly from our team.
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Custom RocketPRM

Starting Price for Custom

pricing based on customizations

Requires HubSpot Content Hub Enterprise and Sales or Marketing Hub Pro

All RocketPRM Core Features
We'll build your customizations based on our core product to accelerate development time.
Example Add-In: Manager/Admin Dashboard
Give managers access to their team's leads
Example Add-In: In-Portal Deal Updates
allow partners to update deal stage or status from the portal, not the CRM.
Example Add-In: LMS for Partner Onboarding
With HubLMS installed alongside PRM, you can offer dedicated partner training courses and certifications right in your HubSpot portal.
Example Add-In: Personalized Notifications
Customize and personalize automated email sends.
Community Cohorts & Messaging
Start a partner forum
Hands-On Support Team
Your dedicated project manager and technical support team is available via support tickets, phone support, and zoom meeting support.
Other features from your wishlist
tell us how we can help!
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